1. Release!

    Tomorrow at Nanospots, 3rd of July, 2010, Halle.

    More information about the project soon!


  2. Stage Video - Suckfest - Deadmau5


  3. A poster I recently designed for Freie Universität Berlin.


  4. Queen of Green Tea


  5. Spring / Announcement

    The first two months of 2014 were very intensive with a couple of different projects, which is one of the reasons why it was very quite here on the blog the last period of time. There will be new visual stuff soon on my website as well as on tumblr. 

    Most of all I am very happy to start with my next independant short movie project together with Karsten Schuhl. The conception phase just started and the film will be finished in May, 2014. More to follow very soon.


  6. MMB_Shell_2077



  8. 3D study of a little mug I once got as a present from Karsten Schuhl who designed it. I used the C4D physical renderer for the dark shots and V-ray for the bright ones.


  9. 3 Years

    In December 2010 I officially posted my very first 3D rendering “The Essence Of Art”. So in a certain way this feels even more like birthday to me. It feels like yesterday and like 10 years ago at the same time. To celebrate this, I just made an “Essence of Art 2.0” version in December 2013 (upper).

    So that the next three years may be as magnificent as the past ones have been - one glass of absinth to that. Evolution. Cheers.


  10. Visual study with a quote from “V for Vendetta”.